In 2004, one of most significant industrial as well as political developments is the push to make LNG a viable source of natural gas in the United States as well as around the world. While LNG is not anything new , the technology to convey it economically and SAFELY from the source to the consumer is cutting edge. Mach Industrial Group has been working on this same technology for years. Whether it's stainless steel pipe for cryogenic applications, carbon steels with a 9 percent or higher nickel content, or heavy wall T-5083 aluminum cylinders for the component manufacturing of "cold boxes", Mach Industrial Group has been developing the technology to make LNG a reality. Mach Industrial Group is also one of the few domestic pipe manufacturers with the capabilities to produce the volume of pipe required to take offshore pipelines from the engineer's drawing board to reality. If your requirement is for a single piece prototype or fifty miles of cryogenic pipeline, make Mach Industrial Group your preferred manfacturer of LNG specific products.